Heal For Life for Therapists & Professionals

Heal For Life offers practical, neuroscience based strategies that support clients to heal painful emotional triggers, and offers health professionals deeper insight into the needs of survivors who seek their help.

The Heal For Life model offers therapists a structured, replicable method for healing emotional triggers that can be shared with clients to support self-regulation and self-healing for safer and more consistent progress.

Developed by survivors and health professionals and shaped by the feedback of over 8,500 guests who have completed the program,  this “by survivors, for survivors” perspective ensures health professionals gain a practical and collaborative method to more safely and effectively support clients of childhood trauma towards healing.

Heal For Life Book

Heal For Life: How to Heal Yourself from the Pain of Childhood Trauma

The Heal For Life model and its training programs have been described as “transformative” by health professionals who work with trauma survivors.  Now, this model is available as an eBook or hard copy for therapists and other health professionals to add to their toolkit.  

What others are saying...

Reading Heal For Life for me has elicited extremes of emotions. I feel anger and sadness, joy and hope. I feel angry that I was not taught about the significance of childhood trauma in the development of chronic disease, then saddened that I have missed so many opportunities to ask about what really in society is seen as a taboo subject. Heal For Life is a book that benefits not only survivors of childhood trauma, it is critical for health professionals to broaden their empathy and influence their treatment strategies, it helps any reflective reader to learn about psychological models underpinning fundamental human emotions and interactions.

GP Team Leader, Wingham Wellbeing

Essential reading for professionals who work in the area of trauma and mental health. Unless we learn more about trauma and its consequences, trauma and associated mental health issues will continue to destroy and take lives in increasing numbers.

Jenny Chapman, BA (Psych) (Hons)
Director of Interactions Psychological Services

Everybody will have a better understanding of behavioural patterns about themselves, loved ones or clients, by reading it, and then have tools to effect - or help effect - real change. I highly recommend this book to professionals as well as survivors of childhood trauma and their families.

Barbara Biggs
Journalist and Author of Moral Danger

I wish I’d had access to its wealth of knowledge when my teenage granddaughter was suffering PTSD throughout her teenage years. It would have helped me understand so much more about her condition and enabled me to help her more effectively. It is essential reading for anyone raising children who have suffered trauma - whether from mental physical or sexual abuse, drug addiction, neglect, accident or crime. If worrying signs of behaviour are emerging they will find extremely well-researched and helpful information. This book should be compulsory reading for anyone working in child welfare - Liz Mullinar’s compassion shines through.

Judy Turner, Author of A Different Kind of Courage - a Story of Teenage PTSD

Are you a therapist or health professional?

Heal For Life Foundation offers workshops for therapists and trauma informed training for schools, prisons, foster carers and more.

If your organisation would like tailored trauma training, please get in touch.

Liz has delivered training all over the world on topics such as trauma-informed practice and trauma-informed healing, and would love to support your organisation to learn more.

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Heal For Life – Chapter 2:
Defining Trauma & Self Healing

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