A 6-Part Process to Overcome Trauma Memories Permanently

As survivors of childhood trauma, we encounter many of our triggers on a daily basis. And, as outlined below, these triggers can have a huge negative impact on our lives.

However, it’s been proven that survivors can rid themselves of triggers permanently by processing trauma memories. By doing so, survivors are able to reclaim their lives from being dominated by childhood events and beliefs.

The life-changing benefit of unlocking specific trauma

The triggers from our trauma impact us deeply and, dependent on who we are, can totally affect our enjoyment of life. In fact, triggering is often regarded as the single greatest problem for survivors.

Ask yourself:

How often have you been upset with yourself because you have been very angry without real cause?

 How often have your emotions from childhood affected your relationships in adulthood?

 How often have you fled from an event you wanted to enjoy or even moved to a new house without understanding why?

Unlocking specific trauma is very beneficial as it means we free ourselves from any reminders (triggers) of childhood trauma that are held in our brains.

These trauma memories are invoked via the senses – touch, smell, sound, taste, pain and sight. Often, we are unaware that we have been triggered, as triggers come in so many different guises.

For example, some survivors react to a particular smell (such as certain perfumes or aftershave, or oil) or a particular type of food. Often, these reactions can be traced back to a traumatic event. Can you recognise something you always react to? This may be a trigger for you.

Introducing the Heal For Life Process

You can heal from triggers, as well as the beliefs that may have been imposed on you at the time of the trauma, by using the Heal For Life Process.

The sorts of beliefs that can be locked into the brain with the original trauma can be as simple as ‘This is your fault – you invited me to do this’ or ‘You’re a bad girl or boy’.

These locked-in beliefs can have a profound negative influence on our lives until we unlock them and are able to expose them as lies imparted to us by our perpetrator.

This – along with ridding ourselves of triggers permanently – is the goal of the Heal For Life Process. This process consists of six steps, outlined briefly here:

  1. Safety (feeling safe): You need to feel emotionally, physically and spiritually safe for effective healing to take place.
  2. Connect: Using right brain activities, you must connect to the part of your brain that holds the unconscious memory of the trauma.
  3. Recognise: Once this connection is made, it’s essential to recognise what happened – in whatever detail is available.
  4. Release: Release the fear that it was not possible to release at the time of the trauma.
  5. Empower: It is now time to ask the inner self what they would like to do to take their power back.
  6. Nurture: After re-empowering, it is equally important to nurture the inner self.

Looking at triggers as opportunities to heal

You will find great opportunities to heal if you can notice when you are triggered and then allow yourself to discover the cause of the trigger.

At Heal For Life, we look at triggers, flashbacks and nightmares as opportunities to learn more about ourselves and to heal. Triggers are treasures, even if they don’t feel that way at the time.

To learn more about the six-part Heal For Life Process,  order the Heal For Life book today.

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