How to Heal Yourself from the Pain of Childhood Trauma

This book will empower you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to heal for life and feel hopeful about your future.​

It is a step-by-step guide to help you regain control of your emotions, behaviours, and your life.

One of the biggest challenges for survivors is their experience of repetitive triggers that overwhelm their senses and stop them from being able to cope effectively with life. When you heal emotional triggers, you can heal for life.

Liz Mullinar, Author of Heal For Life

Described as “essential reading” by survivors and mental health professionals alike, Heal For Life will help you understand trauma, how it creates emotional triggers, how to ‘de-trigger’ and feel safe, and how to permanently overcome and heal childhood trauma.

The Heal For Life Model has already empowered over 8,500 survivors of childhood trauma or abuse to find inner peace and hope for a brighter future.

Healing is possible for you, too.

What's the link between trauma and mental illness?

Trauma is often diagnosed as depression, anxiety, mental illness and addiction.

Watch Heal For Life founder, Liz Mullinar explain how childhood trauma physically affects the development of the brain, which impacts the way we think, process emotions and how we behave.

Praise for Heal For Life, Reviews

By picking up this book you have taken the first step to taking responsibility for your healing through embarking on a journey of self discovery. Keep reading and your life will change in ways you never dared to dream.

Dr Peri O’Shea
B.Soc.Sc. Psych.Hons. M.Soc.Pol. PhD
Lived Experience Academic and Consultant

Heal For Life conveys everything you need to know about healing from childhood trauma. The enormity and excitement of reading a book on healing of this calibre left me with a huge feeling of hope. Survivors need to find tools, knowledge and a way to heal to go forward in life, this book provides this.

Lorraine Hall, Author of Our Little Secret Tweet

If you are looking for a comprehensive presentation on the subject of trauma, look no further than pioneer healer Liz Mullinar's Heal For Life. In this compilation, Liz shares the wealth of her life's journey of healing, and helping others to heal, interrupting the myth of being 'never whole again'. This 'by survivors for survivors' model shares the faith, hope, and love of what can be. With thousands of testimonies to support her work, Liz has committed her life to the healing of yours. Let your journey begin.

Dr. Ivy Bonk, Ed. D. MBA
IMAGINAL Education Group. Author of The Day Trauma Came to Class

As an author, survivor of child sexual abuse and avid consumer of self help books, I have found this work one of the most comprehensive, scientifically based and useful I have read. It not only explains how and why trauma affects the brain, and therefore behaviour, it gives practical, easy to understand advice and a compassionate road out of the tortured maze of post traumatic stress. Everybody will have a better understanding of behavioural patterns about themselves, loved ones or clients, by reading it, and then have tools to effect - or help effect - real change. I highly recommend this book to professionals as well as survivors of childhood trauma and their families.

Barbara Biggs
Journalist and Author of Moral Danger

Liz invited me to attend Heal For Life's residential healing program before the court case against the star of Hey Dad, to make sure I was ready for the battle. I’m so grateful for my week at Heal For Life. I’m not sure I would have made it through the court case without it, and I’ve enjoyed a mental calm since then... one can heal so much more effectively with her methods than years spent in traditional therapy. The world has a lot to learn from Liz, and hopefully this book can impart some of those wisdoms that she’s trying to share. I’m forever grateful for the lessons she shared with me.

Sarah Monaghan
Actress and Activist for Survivors

A wonderful book by an amazing person. A very helpful guide for healing from the trauma of child sexual abuse.

Christabel Chamarette, MPsych. (UWA), MAPS, ANZAPPL, ISPCAN
Clinical Psychologist (former Director of SafeCare Inc)

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